Wall Oven Repair

When our techs fix a wall oven the first thing we check is the power cord if the unit is not getting power. The next step is to evaluate the fuses or circuit breakers of the home. If the oven light bulb might be out and we can install a new one so that food can be seen while cooking. In some cases the control pad light might be faulty and should be repaired by professionals to ensure it is repaired correctly. Parts of a wall oven include but will not be limited to: door frame, inner baffle, door handle, door glass, screw, window mounting bracket, door top trim, screw for door frame, glass clip, fiber washer, kep nut, latch plate, handle mounting screw, door liner, pad insulation, door pad, latch plate mounting screw, pad mounting screw, and more.

Double Electric Wall Ovens Repair

Double Electric Wall Oven Repair
In some cases the control panel of a double electric wall oven becomes faulty when the self cleaning feature is used. Cooling fans for these units have been enlarged in order to fix some of the issues that they were having. LCD screens can burn out on some of these units and should only be replaced by professionals.

Double Gas Wall Ovens Repair

We can fix issues with the ignitors that the double gas wall oven is having so that your food can be cooked correctly. The motherboard of the system can be faulty and we can test the unit to see what is causing this problem. Any issues with a gas wall oven should be done by professional service techs to ensure safety of the appliance.

Microwave Wall Oven Combinations Repair

The microwave keypad on these models can end up going out and we can fix this feature while evaluating the unit. Oven hinges can be repaired so that the unit opens and closes correctly making it convenient on the cook. Oven control boards can be an issue and it is advised that professional techs fix the problem to ensure it operates to manufactures specs. Microwave doors that are loose should be repaired so that it can cook food correctly.

Single Electric Wall Ovens Repair

When an electric wall oven does not broil or bake foods a diagnostic test will be done to see what the issue is. Removing the oven from the wall will be done in order to replace the control panel. Power should be shut off from the power cord and the circuit breaker of fuse box. The oven will be reinstalled and tested to see if it is operating. With these units being so complex it is advised to let a professional serviceman fix the problem so that it can function correctly.

Single Gas Wall Ovens Repair

Single gas wall ovens can have issues with the electronic control panel. If this feature is found to be faulty we can repair the unit so that it functions correctly. Seals can end up working poorly so we will replace them in order for your food to cook evenly. In some cases the door hinges will go bad and will need to be replaced.

Stove Repair

Range / Stove Repair

Ranges and stoves come in electric and gas as choices to pick from depending on what the customer prefers. Electric ranges are less expensive and simple to install. The surface is easier to clean and the electric stove section cooks food more evenly than a gas stove. On the other hand gas ranges cook more evenly than electric ranges. No matter what kind of unit you have our appliance repairmen can get you fixed up so that you can cook foods easy while enjoying the results.

Electric Range / Electric Stove Repair

Freestanding electric ranges, glass top ranges, slide-In electric ranges and double oven electric ranges can be repaired by our professional staff if the unit is having any issues. For glass top ranges if it is chipped or cracked it can cause an electrical shock so the unit should not be used. The glass portion can be replaced depending on model and we provide this service. If the glass cooktop is not heating the most common problem is the switch for the unit which can be replaced. If an electric stove or range is not heating up then the problem could be the burner for the range or the bake element for the stove. Parts of an electric range / oven include but are not limited to: burner knobs, oven knobs, racks, reflector pan, digital display, bake element, burners, oven liners, and more. Electric ranges and stoves are vulnerable to power outages and will take longer to cool once the burner is turned off.

Gas Range / Gas Stove Repair

Slide-in gas ranges, free standing gas ranges, and double oven gas ranges can be fixed by our friendly techs if the unit has any problems that need to be addressed. Parts of a gas range are: pilot gas supply line, vest, main gas supply line, pilot adjustment screw, oven broiler controller, burner grate, burner control knob, ignition unit, oven broiler burner, door, hinges, gas range drip pan, racks, digital display, ventilation vent, manifold, burner gas supply line, burner, air shutter mixer plate, and more. Gas lines should be checked for gas leaks if the customer is smelling gas, this problem should be evaluated immediately. Issues that can occur on a gas range / stove include but will not be limited to: dirty igniter electrodes, poor air shutter setting, pilot light is blown out, and clogged portholes.